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Using new advanced diagnostic equipment, a Comprehensive Dry Eye Evaluation is performed by the doctor at the Dry Eye Spa of West Michigan to determine the causes of the disease. Once a diagnosis is determined, a personalized Dry Eye Report complete with eye photos, is used to educate the patient to their specific case. A Dry Eye Treatment Plan is then prescribed by the doctor to manage the causes of the disease to improve the patient’s eye health, comfort, and vision.

Developing A Treatment Plan

The key in each case is to treat the causes of dry eye disease, not the symptoms. Treatment plans involve using medical-grade LED light therapy, thermal eyelid warming therapy, gentle eyelid oil gland expressions, Rx anti-inflammatory eye drops, nutriceuticals, eye hygiene products and more. The goal is to help these “sore eye” patients enjoy having healthier, better feeling, and more attractive looking eyes.

The Dry Eye Spa of West Michigan is committed to helping their patients achieve improved eye health and comfort!  Relief is in sight!

Our available OTC products include the following and more!

  • Heat/Cold Mask Therapies
  • Omega-3 Supplements
  • Therapeutic Eye Drops/Gels
  • Sleep Goggles
  • Tea Tree Eyelid Cleansers

We carry products from the following Dry Eye companies:

  • Eye Eco
  • Oasis
  • PRN
  • Sun
  • Scope
  • Allergan
  • Bausch + Lomb

Comprehensive Dry Eye Evaluation

For a limited time, the $199 evaluation is complimentary!
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For a limited time, the one-hour $199 Comprehensive Dry Eye Evaluation is complimentary! Take this risk-free opportunity to learn about the condition of your eyes and the treatment options available to improve your eye health, comfort, and vision.

This one hour evaluation includes:

  1. Review of general health and eye histories
  2. Review of dry eye self-evaluation
  3. Discussion of symptoms
  4. Microscope evaluation of eyes using video & photos
  5. Infrared imaging of meibomian oil glands
  6. Infrared imaging of tear film 
  7. Determination of tear film volume
  8. Determination of tear film evaporation time
  9. Determination of the stage of eye inflammation
  10. Assessment of cornea and tear film using vital dyes
  11. Evaluation of eyelid margins and eyelashes
  12. A personalized take-home Dry Eye Report (View An Example Report)
  13. Consultation with doctor for diagnosis explanation and treatment recommendations

For your initial dry eye evaluation, please do not wear any eye makeup or wear contact lenses on the day of this appointment.

Dry Eye Spa Treatment Services

The majority of Dry Eye Disease cases must include an initial eyelash/eyelid cleansing called BlephEx, then medical-grade LED Light Therapy, MiBo Thermal Therapy, and TearCare Thermal Therapy eyelid treatments to help soften and melt this waxy, sticky meibomian gland “sludge”. After a treatment is performed, the glandular contents are then gently expressed out of these glands by the doctor to allow a more healthy liquid oil to again be secreted. These treatments and gland expression procedures help to restore tear film homeostasis in preventing tear film evaporation to thus help the eyes feel, look and see better. In addition to these in-office treatments, patients are prescribed at-home dry eye therapies and medications. 

Dry Eye Treatment Plans are prescribed by the doctor to address the degree of a patients Dry Eye Disease condition. Dry Eye Treatment Plans require between four – seven 30 minute visits. 

Are you happy with the way your eyes feel, look and see?


Your Personalized Dry Eye Report

Following your Dry Eye Evaluation, you’ll receive a personalized take-home dry eye report to learn more about the condition of your eyes and the treatment options available to improve your eye health, comfort, and vision.

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